Oral Surgery: Some Valuable Advice

In our department of oral surgery interventions of any type of local or sedation anesthesia are performed, we can provide you with histological report in 24-48 hours, blood tests and report in a few hours, facing intractable cases taking advantage of our anesthesiologists and our equipment.

Wisdom Teeth and Extractions

Although one of our main objectives is to preserve natural teeth as long as possible, sometimes they have to be extracted because thy are too damaged by periodontal disease, infection or decay very deep. Unlike the case of wisdom teeth that erupt normally between 17 and 21 years, which very often are extracted to safeguard the proper position and health of the other teeth, or due to repeated infections.

Why Wisdom Teeth can Cause Problems?

Oral Surgery Dental Clinic Tenerife SurHealthy and properly positioned wisdom teeth are a valuable asset to the mouth. However, if the mandible and maxilla are not wide enough to accommodate them, these will have to be extracted in the following cases:

Oral Surgery

Partially erupted teeth, may favor the recurrence of infections causing pain, swelling and difficulty in opening the mouth.
Teeth trapped inside the bone growing up can damage or move the neighboring teeth.
Crooked teeth can interfere with normal chewing or make oral hygiene difficult, causing periodontal problems.

When to Extract Wisdom Teeth?

When the extraction of wisdom teeth is indicated for young people, it is best not to wait too long, because during the age of 18 to 20 years, the roots are not yet fully formed, the bone is more tender, the possibility of damage to surrounding structures is smaller and faster healing is achieved.


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